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What Our Customers Say...........

We aim to provide 100% satisfaction both in the quality of our products and service, after all we want you to come back, again and again!

We continue to receive positive feedback, here's what some of our customers have been saying.


"Well I didn’t just tape it – I just Convertaped my new bike frame, and I’m glad I did. First ride out and a big rock gets thrown up from the front

wheel and hits the downtube. After hearing a loud, horrible sound of stone on metal, I had a look expecting to see a dent, flaked paint

or at least a hole in the Convertape. Not a mark, not even a scratch. An investment that’s paid for itself within a day."

Kevin Wilson


"Don’t just tape it, convertape it! I’m replacing all my velcro with dual lock – it’s brilliant! :)"

Eric Young


We thank you all for your positive comments it's appreciated and always makes tape geek smile.

If there is anything we could be doing better please let us know, your feedback is important to us.

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